No injuries after tree crashes into Langford home during wind storm

No injuries after tree crashes into Langford home during wind storm

A Langford couple is thankful they aren’t hurt after a tree on their property fell onto their home and pierced through the roof during the wind storm.

Pat Begg said it was around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday when she woke up to a loud bang on the roof.

At first, she thought it was a branch that had fallen onto their home, as that is what’s happened before.

“Then I opened my eyes, but it was still dark and thought, what’s hanging from the ceiling? Then I saw what was hanging from the ceiling,” Pat said.

She found a tree branch that had poked through her roof and into her bedroom. At this point, she thought it was still just a branch that fell really hard.

“When I went downstairs and looked at my patio where I sit every day, it was ruined,” she explained.

That’s when she found a tree that had been standing in her yard for more than 30 years had fallen onto their house during the wind storm.

Further investigation found a second branch had crashed through the wall into their second bedroom.

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This is the first time the couple has ever had this kind of wind damage.

Dennis Beggs, Pat’s husband, thinks it may have something to do with the construction site behind their property.

“It’s a wind tunnel up there now,” he said. “Where there used to be a mountain there, now the mountain is gone.”

Pat said she was sad the tree fell because she loved it, but she’s grateful neither of them were injured.

The couple’s insurance company has inspected the damage and said they can continue living there.

The Beggs hope the insurance company will remove the tree soon so they can start repairs before the weather gets worse.

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