New name, address for Danbrook One as it prepares for new occupants

New name, address for Danbrook One as it prepares for new occupants
A makeshift address sign is seen on a security fence outside of the former Danbrook One tower in Langford, Monday, Feb. 28, 2022.

Danbrook One has been renamed RidgeView Place as the property management company that owns the building prepares to rent out the units starting in May, pending an occupancy permit issued by the City of Langford.

The building previously had its occupancy permit revoked on Dec. 19, 2019 after multiple engineers said the building may not be structurally sound.

RidgeView Place also has a new address. Danbrook One’s address was 2766 Claude Road, and the new address is 2770 Claude Road.

CHEK News reached out to the Centurion Property Associates about what work has been done to address the structural issues but the company declined to comment.

Stew Young, mayor of Langford says he is happy to hear the company is getting ready to rent out the units, but an occupancy permit won’t be issued for the building unless the city is sure the necessary work has been completed.

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“When it’s sitting there empty, and there’s a housing crisis,” Young said, “It’ll add 96 units to the market now which is tighter than tight and so we need to make sure that we take every opportunity to, especially in that situation, get things back into the rental market.”

Young said the company has been working with staff to make sure all the necessary work is done.

“They’ve been working with our staff all the way along. But the actual structural stuff, which I’m not going to get into too much detail with it, that has to be signed off by an engineer,” Young said. “And I think it has to be signed off by two engineers on that building.”

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Young says the building, which Centurion Property Associates purchased after the building was complete, had initially not gone through the proper step of having two engineers sign off on the finished design.

“We’re just hopeful that things go smoothly and they get some people back in there. There’s no point having empty buildings like this,” Young said. “[When] our staff gives the occupancy permit, that means that they’ve applied and that they’ve said they’ve finished the work that they were supposed to be done and they’ll get their occupancy.”

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