New locations once again looked at for Victoria’s Crystal Pool project

New locations once again looked at for Victoria's Crystal Pool project

It’s back to the drawing board for the location of the city of Victoria’s Crystal Pool project.

In a closed meeting this morning, Victoria city councillors directed staff to explore, once again, new locations for the Crystal Pool project.

City staff had just submitted a new report to council on January 9th, detailing six new sites of the new swimming pool and fitness centre. On that day, council also unanimously approved a motion saying they’d select a site for the Crystal Pool replacement project in February.

“What council is saying today in response to the public is we will build a swimming pool, we will not do another study,” said Mayor Lisa Helps on January 9th, 2020.

“And I’m very happy with that decision.”

But, now, the city of Victoria says since then ‘new opportunities emerged’. Now, city council is directing staff to report on new, undisclosed, locations.

None of the previously-explored locations are currently being prioritized

The city says the new location may include potential land acquisitions. Staff is being directed to report their findings, including a preferred site, updated scope, timeline and budget to complete the next phase of work, back to council ‘in a timely matter’.

Designs for a new facility were nearly complete back in 2018, placing the new pool right next to the old one. Council has previously said they plan to use that design regardless of where they decide to build the pool.

The discussion over the location of the new pool has now spanned three years, with the city spending $2.2 million of their $10 million budget so far.

“Council is committed to replacing the facility and ensuring that the community has access to a new health and wellness facility that responds to the diverse needs of the public,” said the city of Victoria in a statement.


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