New flight from Victoria to San Juan Islands would take 12 minutes

New flight from Victoria to San Juan Islands would take 12 minutes

WATCH: A new service between Victoria and San Juan Islands will be North America’s shortest international flight. Isabelle Raghem has the details. 

The shortest international flight in North America is about to take off in Victoria.

About 12-minutes: That’s how long it’ll take to go from Victoria International Airport to Friday Harbour on the San Juan Island when NorthStar Air Tours launches in a few weeks. 

It’s a far cry from the 2-hour ferry ride it normally takes to get to the San Juan Islands. 

“It’s the perfect thing, [passengers] just leave in the morning, come here and go back in the evening,” says NorthStar Air Founder Henry Emson. 

It’s among a growing trend to provide tourists shorter flight options between destinations, like the 15-minute flight between Toronto and the Niagara region that launched last summer.

A one-way ticket to and from Friday Harbour will cost $49 US, or about $65 CDN. 

It will also fly four times daily throughout the summer, a contrast to the one daily trip available by ferry.

The airline’s founder says it took four years to get customs set up at the u-s harbour..

“Who knows, it may well be called International Friday Harbour Airport,” says Emson. 

While the airline has the right to make the flight, they are still waiting for the U.S.’ approval to operate commercially.

They are optimistic passengers will be able to book tickets by June 15th.

Isabelle RaghemIsabelle Raghem

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