Neighbours rush to help extinguish hedge fire threatening Saanich home

Neighbours rush to help extinguish hedge fire threatening Saanich home

Neighbours and bystanders rushed to help a Saanich homeowner after a hedge fire threatened to spread to his lawn and to his house on Monday.

The man, who lives on North Dairy Road, thought he’d taken the necessary precautions including wetting the area before soldering a broken pipe in his yard.

It wasn’t enough as a fire broke out in the hedge around 1:30 p.m.

“We came out and the flames were out of control,” said his wife, who did not want to give her name.

The couple started to try to douse the fire and soon found they had a whole lot of help.

Fifteen to 20 people, including neighbours, a staff member from a nearby garden centre and others, pitched in to fight the flames.

“They were just helping us because if they didn’t, the grass would have hit and the house would have caught on fire, it was that close,” said the woman.

One of those who jumped in was Angus Johnson who brought garden hoses from his place of work.

“There were people from that park and me in the parking lot, and people just kept rushing to the scene and started spraying,” he said.

The Victoria Fire Department and Saanich Police responded but the impromptu fire brigade had almost put out the flames by the time they arrived.

I just don’t know how to thank them so much for saving my house, it was that close,” said the homeowner.

Fire officials say it’s yet another reminder of how dangerously dry things are after weeks without rain.

“It’s been one of the driest years on record,” said Grant Pepper, acting captain with the Victoria Fire Department.

“So anything like this is very volatile.”


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