NDP transition team includes Vancouver councillor, banker

NDP transition team includes Vancouver councillor, banker

WATCH: B.C.’s new NDP government likely won’t recall the legislature until after Labour Day, and its new cabinet won’t be announced for several weeks. But government business is well underway with the announcement of two key positions. Mary Griffin reports. 

The transition of government is underway after the 16 years of Liberal rule ended last week in British Columbia. 

The NDP’s transition spokeswoman, Carole James, announced two pivotal positions Tuesday. 

The appointees included former Vancouver city councillor Geoff Meggs, who will now be Horgan’s chief of staff. Meggs worked in the office of NDP Premier Glen Clark in the 1990s. He is a three-term city councillor but has resigned his seat.

The CEO of Central One Credit Union, Don Wright, will head the public service.

“I think you see a very strong leadership team, ” James said.

“That has started work already. The transition team was in on the weekend, helping out.”

David Zussman, with the University of Ottawa, is an expert on government transitions and said Horgan’s is one to watch.

“It’s going to be a very interesting, exciting time in the legislature in British Columbia politics. And all of Canada is going to be watching,” Zussman said.

There’s often pressure to make decisions quickly but Zussman says Horgan should take his time.

“Many of these decisions that you are making at the very beginning of your term, is in fact, going to be with you until the end,” Zussman said.

“And to some extent, and very possibly, it could become part of your next election platform.  So, getting it right the first time, I think is going to be crucial for the government.”

Those decisions include key positions in the public service, such as deputy ministers, who guide policy. 

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