Nanaimo woman among seniors upset with Telus switching to paperless billing


WATCH: Some seniors are taking issue with Telus moving to paperless billing. The company is telling it’s customers this week about the switch. But some seniors say they don’t have computers while others say it’s an inconvenience and Telus should help bring customers with the transition. Kendall Hanson reports.

At 72 Cheryl Keyes is far from elderly. She’s active and online although she’s taking issue with an email sent to her by Telus yesterday.

In it, her phone, internet and TV provider said it’s moving to paperless billing.

“Before I pay bills, I do like to have a hard copy of them,” said Keyes, a Nanaimo resident and Telus customer. “I guess that’s maybe just being old-fashioned.”

Keyes said she’ll now be printing out her bills, to fully inspect them, which will be using her ink and paper.

Others are concerned for the seniors who have no ability to even go online.

“I can count at least 15 of them [friends] who don’t have computers at all and have no computer knowledge and I’m wondering what will they do?” asked Vicki Warner, a Telus customer in Sechelt.

In a statement, Telus said “while the majority of our customers already use and prefer paperless bills, we understand that some customers may require a paper bill and TELUS is committed to ensuring that our products and services are accessible to all of our customers. ”

It’s a promise Keyes hopes the company will keep.

She says she’d be more willing to make the change to paperless if Telus made it worth her while.

For example, BC Hydro offered its customers a $5 gift card as an incentive.

“Don’t just say hey we’re absolving ourselves of this responsibility. We’re passing our workload onto you and that’s what I really resent,” said Keyes.

The public interest advocacy center and the national pensioners federation have filed a complaint with the Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC).

Keyes also plans to send a complaint to the CRTC.

Kendall HansonKendall Hanson

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