Nanaimo SPCA wants Christmas miracle for unadopted dog

WatchStaff at the Nanaimo SPCA are hoping for a Christmas miracle for a dog who's been at the shelter for a near record breaking eight months.

Some dogs are so very easy to love, your heart melts at first sight.

That doesn’t happen when people go in to meet Tyson, who has been at the Nanaimo and District Branch of the SPCA for a nearly record-breaking eight months.

“It’s hard,” said Nanaimo SPCA employee Isabelle Watkin.

“It’s hard to see a dog in care for that long.”

“And that’s not even medical like we normally do,” said Nanaimo SPCA employee Taylor Suther.

“That’s just him waiting for the right person.”

Tyson’s reaction to first meetings and new people is intense and it’s why no one’s ever taken him home.

“It’s really sad,” said Suther.

The shepherd mix was brought in from another shelter after being found a stray last winter.

As for why he is so scared and barks so loudly, no one really knows. According to staff at the shelter, people usually take one look at him and move on.

Yet if you get to know him, there is a whole other friendly, goofy side to this guy.

“And in those moments I knew that he could be with the right person,” said Watkin.

“I think he’d be a wonderful dog with the right person,” said Nanaimo SPCA Volunteer co-ordinator Kane Summers.

According to the Nanaimo SPCA, Tyson would be good for someone with no kids, no other pets, and the patience and time he needs. Staff are hoping Tyson may find a home for Christmas.

“I think everybody would just, it would be like a Christmas miracle really,” said Watkin.

“It’s funny to say Christmas miracle you know but that would be his miracle.”

With eight months and counting in the shelter, staff say Tyson has more than earned it.

Skye RyanSkye Ryan

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