Nanaimo RCMP seize weapons cache from trio of 15-year-olds

Nanaimo RCMP seize weapons cache from trio of 15-year-olds

Nanaimo RCMP says officers were “quite astounded” by what they found in possession of three youths Wednesday morning.

At around 3:20 a.m., Mounties spotted three 15-year-olds walking along Northfield Road, and one appeared to have an object hanging from his waist that raised the attention of the officers.

The object was a bat, which the teen said was found on the road and being used for baseball at a nearby field, but police did not buy that story and an officer told all three to remove any other weapons they had.

RCMP says the youth carrying the bat also pulled out a hatchet, a five-inch double sided knife, a multi-tool and a can of spray paint.

Another teen reached into his backpack and produced a hammer and box cutter.

The third individual did not have a weapon and when they were asked why they had the items, the three responded “for protection”.

“There is no need for anyone to be walking around in our community with these kinds of items as they could easily end up being used against you,” said Nanaimo RCMP Cst. Gary O’Brien.

“Namely the hatchet, double sided knife and hammer could lead to criminal code charges if they are used inappropriately.”

Nanaimo RCMP says the three were driven home to their parents, and the officers provided a “Coles version of events”.


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