Dozens of documented incidents of individuals attempting to pass counterfeit Canadian currency has resulted in the RCMP issuing an advisory in Nanaimo.

In the majority of cases, it has been counterfeit $100 bills that have surfaced with an identical serial number of EJS8511162.

According to RCMP reports, the incidents began back on May 21 and have involved up to five different suspects, one of them being female.

We know from previous experience that the people attempting to pass the bills are most likely not the ones reproducing them and are often being lured into with the promise of some discounted real money or drugs. Many of the investigations are continuing and investigators are confident that the they will be able to determine who is responsible for producing the counterfeits, said Const. Gary O’Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP.

Police said they are looking for a suspect in two of the incidents.

On June 4, a woman allegedly passed a Canadian $100 bill at the Rexall Pharmacy located on Bowen Road. Staff later found out that the bill was fake.

Police said the next day, a man attempted to do the same and staff refused to serve him. In both incidents, the bills had the same serial number. Police believe the same man is responsible for an incident on June 4 at Wendy’s in the Rocky City Plaza, where a fake $100 Canadian bill was used and then seized by staff.

The man involved is described by police as white, unkempt, 25-35 years of age and with brown hair shaved on the sides. He was wearing a t-shirt that read Believe the Hype, cargo pants and skater shoes.

In a press release, Nanaimo RCMP state that a common practice in passing counterfeit money is the individual usually purchases a small dollar value item thereby maximizing the amount of real money being obtained.

They also advise to feel bills while looking at both sides in order to see if there is anything unusual.

The RCMP recommend if you are passed a bill that might be fake, do not accept it, explain that you suspect that it may be counterfeit and ask for another note

Lastly, inform your local police.