Nanaimo rallies to light up Christmas for local family as both mom and dad battle cancer

Nanaimo rallies to light up Christmas for local family as both mom and dad battle cancer
WatchAn inspiring story is surfacing out of Nanaimo where that community is digging deep to support a family dealing with two heartbreaking diagnoses. Both the mother and father of 3 young kids are battling stage 4 cancer.

In their darkest hour, the Caverley home in central Nanaimo has become a beacon of light.

“It blows me away,” said Nanaimo resident Cindra Caverley.

“It was amazing. Amazing to see,” said Nanaimo resident Bruce Caverley.

“I just think Christmas is about magic,” said a friend of the Caverleys and Nanaimo resident Aimee Rounding.

“And we have the opportunity to create magic here, so let’s do it.”

Rows of flickering Christmas lights have been strung up at the home by neighbours and friends, connecting each corner of their festive yard.

“This community is just incredible,” said Bruce.

The couple was too weak to decorate their home themselves since both are battling stage 4 cancer. So volunteers stepped up to bring the home to life once more over the weekend when the family with three young kids, aged 9,11 and 16, can use all the light and support they can get.

“Mine has been very positive lately,” said Cindra about her condition.

“I’ve been stable for a year-and-a-half so we count our blessings for that because one of us is strong,” she said.

Bruce has to undergo more radiation before Christmas and is in a lot of pain, but said he is grateful for every detail of his kids’ lives that he’s still part of.

Friends and businesses from Nanaimo to Parksville are rallying to make this a Christmas the family will still look forward to.

“Everyone has been touched by the story and has really been generous,” said Rounding who helped organize an online auction.

Donations for the online auction will be accepted starting Friday, in addition to a GoFundMe page that is raising funds to help cover bills that are due, as long term disability has run out for both Bruce and Cindra.

“We want to keep our home and keep our kids in some activities,” said Cindra.

“It’s amazing when you see how many people put their hand up still and want to help.”

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