Nanaimo Mountie reunites 12-year-old with stolen bike

Nanaimo Mountie reunites 12-year-old with stolen bike
Const. Mark Long and 12-year-old Cameryn White with his bike.

Sometimes heroes forgo wearing capes, choosing to don a police vest and poppy instead.

A Nanaimo RCMP Officer has reunited a boy with his beloved bicycle several months after it had been stolen.

Twelve-year-old Cameryn White was devastated when his bike went missing back in May. It was later found that a neighbour’s security camera revealed a blurry image of a thief in White’s backyard, cutting through the lock and making off with his two-wheeler.

Then on Oct. 29, Const. Mark Long of Nanaimo RCMP noticed a man pushing two bikes and a scooter. One of the bikes had a 529 Garage sticker affixed to it, which is an online registration for bicycles in Canada. Cameryn’s mom had registered the bike on 529 Garage and a quick online search by Long allowed him to discovered not only who the bike belonged to, but also that it had been reported stolen.

Long seized the bike and seeing how it was in pretty rough shape he took it to a local bike shop and, from his own pocket, paid to have it totally refurbished and repaired.

The next day Cameryn’s mom was called with the news and she proceeded to bring Cameryn to the detachment for a grand reunion.

“Were not sure who was happier, Const. Long or Cameryn,” Constable Gary O’Brien, spokesperson for Nanaimo RCMP, said in a release. “It was a win-win for both and another reminder of the importance of taking 5 minutes out of your day and registering your bikes at Project 529.”

To learn more about registering your bike at 529 Garage, go to


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