Nanaimo dog returns home a year after going missing

Nanaimo dog returns home a year after going missing

An amazing journey has brought a Nanaimo family’s beloved pet home a year after the little dog first went missing.

While they tried to never give up hope, a recent call left them all in awe. They were told their lost dog, Lil’ Boss, had been found.

“I was just so happy that she was back,” the dog’s owner Jessica Cathers said tearfully.

“She almost got hit by a car and that’s how they got her.”

The pug turned up a year and 3 months after she vanished from her Nanaimo family’s yard February 2016.

“One day she was just gone,” Cather’s son, Ashton Hunt said, adding that he thought the dog was gone forever.

“She came out of the kennel and she just leaped into my arms, and was like my mommy’s here and soaked my face,” Cathers said. “Oh I bawled.”

The pug that had been rescued from a puppy mill years ago turned up at a Victoria shelter this week. With the help of a microchip and FLED, an Island group that helps reunite missing pets with their owners, she was brought home to Nanaimo on Wednesday. It turns out a family had bought her online shortly after she’d gone missing from Nanaimo, from someoene looking to make a quick sale.

“She’d been rescued once, and then I had her and then she was stolen out of my yard. Then yeah it’s just crazy,” Cathers said.

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