Nanaimo care home hosts concert for residents, with reopening ‘months away’

Nanaimo care home hosts concert for residents, with reopening 'months away'
WatchA plan to reopen care homes to visitors is beginning to take shape in BC, but experts say it is likely months away. So as Skye Ryan reports, today in Nanaimo, an outdoor concert brought residents to their windows to draw them out of what's been a very lonely two months since this lockdown began.

Residents of Nanaimo seniors home Eden Gardens were waving and dancing at their windows Thursday as music poured in from the courtyard outside.

The music therapy was a break for residents who have gone nearly two months without visits from loved ones due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re starting to see that our residents who all live with dementia that they’re really experiencing boredom and helplessness,” said Eden Gardens CEO Erin Beaudoin.

“So that’s the new battle we’re fighting today.”

While care homes remain closed to visitors, to protect vulnerable residents inside, research has found music can touch even the most severe cases of dementia.

So Nanaimo jazz singer Narissa Young volunteered to play for the residents through the space that can be cracked in the windows of their rooms.

“I feel so blessed to be here To have been asked to come and be with these people today,” said Young.

It’s a measure to bring joy since care homes expect it will be months more before they can safely reopen to visitors.
Beaudoin said the conversation around reopening care homes has begun with provincial officials.

“It’s a conversation that needs to be had,” said Beaudoin.

“We have families afraid that their mother is going to forget them and they very well might and if they pass away in this pandemic or if things wait for much longer.  Then what are we keeping them safe for if they pass away any way of natural causes and what was their final days and weeks of life?”

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