‘My phone is blowing up’: Bear Henry found safe after missing for over two months

'My phone is blowing up': Bear Henry found safe after missing for over two months
Courtesy of Victoria Police

Bear Henry, a person who was listed missing on November 27, 2021, has been found safe.

In an interview with CHEK News, Bear says they had tried to go up to Fairy Creek and got lost on the way up.

When they tried to turn around, their van got stuck.

“I kept trying to find a place to turn around and I couldn’t, I got stuck up some roads, it was really bad,” Bear said.

A few days ago, Bear decided to try and walk home. They were walking for about seven hours when they came across loggers.

“I got into their truck and I was like ‘my name’s Kevin’, and they’re like ‘are you Bear Henry,’ and I was like how did you know that?” Bear said, saying the loggers then let them know there are missing person posters up all over for them.

“I felt a lot of love. One of the guys even said, ‘that just shows you’re not just a number to people, people really care about you, and they were out there every day looking.'”

“I cried.”

Bear says they didn’t realize how long they had been gone. They thought they had only been gone for a short time so when the loggers informed them they had been gone for over two months, they were shocked.

“I was like, ‘oh my god, I had plans for Christmas, I guess that has to wait until next year,'” Bear said. “Now my phone is blowing up like you wouldn’t believe.”

Rose Henry, Bear’s aunt, says she received a Facebook message from Bear and didn’t believe it was them at first.

“I’m so excited and I’m just shaking and just trying to stay grounded,” Rose said. “At first I didn’t believe [them], that was my immediate reaction, I didn’t believe [them] and then I realized yes it is them, and I called back right away.”

Bear says they had to leave their van behind and doesn’t believe that they’ll be able to get it back.

The van is Bear’s home where they have been living for several months before going missing, which is why they were hesitant to leave it behind.

“All my clothes and everything are all gone,” Bear said. “All moulded. A lot of things started moulding, and that’s why I decided to get out of there.”

For now, Bear says this has taught them about the environment.

“I definitely learned a lot more about the environment and how precious it is to be back there, to breathe that kind of fresh air,” Bear said. “And to be at the mercy of that kind of weather and be at the mercy of the backcountry, it teaches you a lot.”

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