Motorcyclists warn of man driving blue Mercedes after close call near Qualicum Beach

Motorcyclists warn of man driving blue Mercedes after close call near Qualicum Beach

WATCH: A husband and wife who were driving their motorcycles northbound on the Inland Island Highway near Qualicum Beach Sunday say a man in a blue Mercedes missed hitting them by inches. The confrontation that occurred afterward was captured on video.

Trent and Roxanne Bouchard say they were heading home Sunday evening when a blue Mercedes nearly hit them both, on purpose.

“I looked at my wife and ‘went we could have been dead right there,'” said Trent. “That guy tried to kill us, like he basically fired a 3200-pound bullet at us at 180 kilometres. I figure he was doing 180.”

They say the car came up behind them at a high rate of speed and came within mere inches of Roxanne’s bike before nearly hitting Trent on his.

It happened on the Inland Island Highway between the Qualicum Beach exit and the Horne Lake Road exit where they were getting off the highway.

But the near miss wasn’t the end of it because when they got to their home on a dead-end street that runs off Horne Lake Road a few minutes later, the same man in the same blue Mercedes that allegedly almost hit them was driving out of their cul de sac.

They figured he’d missed the turn in the road and went straight down their street by accident.

Now they were face to face with the man they say almost hit them.

“And we said that’s the guy, so he was coming up to the stop sign, my husband drove in front of him and stopped,” said Roxanne.

“I did it on purpose is what he said to us,” said Trent. “And I said ‘did you do that on purpose and he said yeah and I said what are you thinking buddy, you’re doing about a buck 80 and he looked at me and he said I hate all bikers, I could kill all of you, you’re all a bunch of scourge of the earth’ and all these types of statements were coming out of his mouth.”

There was a scuffle on the ground between the two men that was videotaped by the Bouchard’s grandson.

Bouchard says the man’s breath smelled like alcohol and that he was punched in the eye by the man adding that the Mercedes’ driver also bent his thumb back so hard it’s now in a cast.

They phoned police with the car’s plate number but were told the plate didn’t match the car.

As far as they know the incident has not been investigated further by police.

CHEK News’ calls to the Oceanside RCMP Wednesday were not returned.

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