Miniature horse partially blinded after dog attack in Cobble Hill

Miniature horse partially blinded after dog attack in Cobble Hill

WATCH: A Cobble Hill woman’s miniature horse, Flame, is recovering from a dog attack that could have been much worse. It’s the second time one of her horses has been attacked. She’s blaming a certain breed and is planning to move from the area because she doesn’t feel safe. Warning: Images in this story may be disturbing for some viewers.

Brigitte Gareau is feeling overly grateful lately to be able to cuddle her miniature horse, Flame.

That’s because just a month ago, Gareau said her 20-year-old Flame was attacked by a pit bull in their paddock.

“The dog was just running around chasing them. Annie, my big horse tried to get the dog away, but it just wouldn’t go,” said Gareau.

It went after Flame and bit her right on the eye. Now she’s lost all vision in it.”

Gareau’s property backs onto the popular Cobble Hill Mountain Trail, where there are daily hikers with their dogs, many who are off leash.

And this isn’t the first time her horses were attacked by a dog here on her property.

In 2012, a different dog Gareau says was also a pit bull fatally attacked their seven-year-old mare Brownwyn.

“I know people have always said it’s the owner, not the breed, but both times the owners said their dog has never done anything like this before,” said Gareau.

“They have something in them that’s not like any other breeds.”

But one animal expert says he doesn’t blame the breed.

“You can have any temperament in any breed, so it’s not breed specific, it’s more breeding specific,” said canine behaviourist Andrew Lemon.

“Whether you’re saying that it’s pit bulls or you’re saying people from Finland, that’s a massive generalization. You can’t say everyone from Finland is dominant or bad, so you can’t say that of any given breed or any given animal.”

Regardless, Gareau would like to see change.

“I think [pit bulls] should be muzzled,” said Gareau.

“If they were muzzled, I wouldn’t have lost my mare, and Flame would have her sight still.”

The Gareau family now is planning to move from the area, to remove any chance of a third attack.


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