William Head Correctional Facility in Metchosin getting shorter fence

William Head Correctional Facility in Metchosin getting shorter fence

Watch: William Head Correctional facility in Metchosin is getting a security downgrade with the lowering of their current four-metre fence down to 1.25 meters. The facility has had escapes in the past, the most recent in 2013. Luisa Alvarez got reaction from the community.


The current four-metre double fence around William Head Correctional Institution in Metchosin is getting torn down. Only to be replaced with a lower 1.25 meter fence instead.

The news came as a shock to many including Metchosin Mayor John Ranns who says neither he or anyone from his office were made aware or contacted.

With regards to them dropping the fence, I do have some concerns. For the most part William Head has been a pretty good neighbor but there have been times where people have escaped and there have been incidents,? said Ranns.

William Head officials were not available for comment today, but they did tell the Times Colonist that this change is to bring them inline with other minimum security institutions where the security requirements is either a small fence or no fence at all.

Officials of Pearson College, long time neighbors to the prisonm say they were not aware of the changes either but are not concerned.

” We weren’t aware of the change in height of the fence but we fully respect the decisions that Corrections Canada has to make about meeting the standards required for the institution,” said COO Tyrone Pile. 

The correctional facility transitioned from medium security to minimum security back in 2003 and has since been dubbed ? club fed? by some due to its ocean-front location and several amenities including a golf course and tennis court.

The new fence is expected to go up early in the new year.

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