Mermaid Creek receives new bio-engineered fencing

Mermaid Creek receives new bio-engineered fencing
WatchIn September Sidney's Mermaid Creek Estuary received fencing aimed at stopping erosion and saving wildlife habitats. Cole Sorenson reports.

Throughout the years, Sidney’s Mermaid Creek Estuary in Roberts Bay has seen its fair share of changes.

“The creek has been in a process of conversion for many many years,” says Peninsula Streams and Shorelines, executive coordinator, Ian Bruce.

Currently, factors such as stormwater pollution and erosion are the major issues facing the area, while development over the last century has heavily modified the creek.

“We have an erosion happening because the creek was confined to a narrow channel,” says Bruce. “So, we’re trying to mitigate that by trying to put some eco-cultural fencing in, which helps divert and diffuse the energy of the creek.”

The fencing project was showcased alongside Sidney’s annual All-Buffleheads Duck Celebration, which marks the return of the animal to the area. The restoration project and birding are intrinsically linked.

“As they do the work and try to keep the shoreline as natural as possible, [a] natural shoreline allows forage fish, fish provide food for the birds and the water fowl that are here,” says Friends of Shoal Harbour President Bob Peart.

“So, that connection is really really important and what we want to do is to build that connection and make it even stronger for the ecosystem.”

There’s also more restoration efforts planned for the creek in the near future.

“For the creek itself we’ll be doing some planting of sedges, which will help stabilize the sediments,” says Bruce.

Peninsula Streams and Shorelines aims to have the planting completed by the spring of 2023.

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