Meet the local voices behind some of your favourite cartoon characters


WATCH: Local voice actors are teaming up to help others discover their own characters. Ceilidh Millar reports.

Canadian voice actor Tracey Moore has been working in the television industry for more than four decades.

“It’s like your childhood waving hello,” said Moore in an interview with CHEK News. “It’s a really fun industry to work in.”

Moore’s credits include the voice of the original Sailor Moon, multiple Care Bears, Princess Toadstool from Super Mario Bros and the singing voice of Strawberry Shortcake.

The Calgary-born performer, who is now living in Victoria, wants to help others develop their own voices and characters.

“What’s happened is now gaming and apps have come and it’s a burgeoning market,” Moore said.

Moore is teaming up with other voice actors and industry experts, like Vancouver’s Scott McNeil, to offer a nine-day series of seminars and classes designed to get creators online.

“It’s going to be magical and it’s going to be a playground,” McNeil said. “It’s going to be playground.

McNeil says he’s been in more than 15,000 cartoon episodes, including being the voice of Wolverine in X-men: Evolution, Dragon Ball Z and many others.

“It’s a chance for us to take the blessings that we’ve been given and put them back out into the world,” McNeil explained.

The series will be held in Victoria and explore voice coaching, graphic design and other areas of television.

Kre8 Studio runs from August 19 to 27.

To find out more, visit their website.

Ceilidh MillarCeilidh Millar

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