Meet Ruby! Rescued Aruba street dog loves her new home in Sooke and is doing great


WATCH: A dog rescued in Aruba is at her new home in Sooke. As Luisa Alvarez tells us, she’s adjusting well to all the love and attention after a long journey to  Vancouver Island last week.

It was the happy ending everyone hoped for. Ruby’s tail wagged uncontrollably as Jewel Black held her in her arms for the first time since meeting the dog in Aruba back in January.

Now, a long way from being flea-infested and starving on the streets of Aruba, Ruby is finally on Canadian soil and Black is overjoyed.

“It’s a dream. I actually keep waking up at night and wondering oh my gosh is this a dream? Nope she’s really here,” said Black.

The journey was long her partner Brian Rundle travelled to Aruba last week to get Ruby, but the trip certainly didn’t come without its hurdles. As it turned out, Ruby was chipped and had an owner.

But this love story was clearly meant to be and after hearing their story, the owner agreed Ruby would have a better life here in Canada and with the support of the community behind her, Ruby is adjusting to her new life just fine.

“She has so many fans and just people that love her already, it’s been overwhelming I actually haven’t been able to keep up with all the messages we’ve been getting,” said Black.

Black has said her and Rundle are planning to have a meet-and-greet with Ruby at Whiffin Spit Park in the near future to let everyone meet Ruby who can’t seem to get enough attention. But she’s surrounded by a completely new environment so good luck getting her attention most of the time Ruby is busy just taking it all in.

“A lot of times, she will be on her back with all four legs in the air and of course she wants attention and her belly rubbed and if you stop she gets her paw going, of course, she wants more,” said Rundle.

But three-year-old Ruby is still skinny, only weighing in at 40 pounds Black sure hopes to change that.

“She is loving getting fed we are giving her five small portions a day to try and fatten her up I know she is loving the food, she is eating as much as we will give her,” said Black.

Adjusting to steady meals has been easy, but when it comes to her new sister you could say that’s still a work in progress.

“Kailon thinks I belong to her and Ruby thinks I belong to her so if I give attention one or the other they get jealous,” said Rundle.

Now that the happy family is finally all together, there is just one last thing left to do.

“She will get her follow up vaccinations and the microchip will be put into our name. She is ours and we are keeping her!” Black said.

With that, we close the chapter on Ruby from Aruba who is now ready for her new life of unconditional love and adventure.


Luisa AlvarezLuisa Alvarez

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