Victoria Police say a man who allegedly abducted his autistic daughter before leaving her with relatives in Indonesia has been arrested.

Brent Erskine was picked up at Victoria International Airport when he returned to Canada on Monday.

Court records show he made an appearance in a Victoria courtroom on Tuesday and was charged with abduction in contravention of custody order and disobeying a court order, he was then released from custody.

According to VicPD, Erskine took his four-year-old daughter to Vancouver on June 30, as part of a seven-day vacation agreement between Erskine and the girl’s mother, Agustina Wulandari. Wulandari and Erskine are no longer together. Police were alerted to the child custody matter on July 8.

Samantha was supposed to return to Victoria and her mother a week after July 8. Wulandari contacted police after she became concerned when communication between her and Erskine changed, police said.

Police discovered Erskine had travelled with Samantha to Jakarta, Indonesia. VicPD said Samantha was dropped off with her maternal grandparents in Indonesia. Erskine then went to Singapore to get a visa.

VicPD say efforts continue to bring Samantha home.