‘I was framed’: man with murder charges dropped accuses police in Mexico of corruption

'I was framed': man with murder charges dropped accuses police in Mexico of corruption
WatchFirst, Roberto Gonzalez went missing in Mexico, then kidnappers asked for ransom before Mexican police charged him with murder. He says it was all a setup.

It sounds like something out of a TV crime show, but for Roberto Gonzalez, it was a nightmare he lived.

Back in July of 2019 Roberto Gonzalez went missing in Mexico, leaving loved ones on Vancouver Island on edge.

“We just want him home,” said Isabella Gonzalez Kaminsky to CHEK News in July 2019.

She thought her father, a successful realtor and former pro golfer, who lives in Cabo San Lucas, was being held for ransom by corrupt Mexican police.

“What they are doing is illegal,” said Kaminsky.

Then Mexican police announced he was the suspect in a homicide. Police reported weeks later that they had charged Gonzalez in the murder of Jose Arredondo, his longtime friend, and golfing partner, from Bakersfield, California.

According to Mexican police, Arredondo’s body was found in his Cabo condo on the morning of July 16, 2019, murdered in brutal fashion. His right ear was mutilated, a fingernail was pulled from his hand, he had been stabbed numerous times in his back, and beaten to death.

But last week, a judge ruled Mexican police obtained evidence illegally and tossed all charges out.

“I was framed. It was a setup,” said Gonzalez from Mexico to CHEK News.

Gonzalez said he was kidnapped by Mexican police, held illegally, and tortured, as police tried to pin the murder on him.

“He was tortured in two ways: physically he was beaten up, they tried to drown him, to asphyxiate him. He was also psychologically tortured too. They told him they were going to kill and kidnap his mom and sister in order to make him sign the papers they wanted him to sign or talk as they want,” said Gonzalez’s lawyer Jaime Tacher.

“They need to solve a case real fast, because in Cabo when crime happens and you are American, it’s a big issue.”

As his team of lawyers works out the next moves. Gonzalez says he’s just lucky to be alive.

“I wouldn’t want to wish this on anyone,” said Gonzalez.

After 14 months in Mexican jail, many of Gonzalez’s personal identification is now expired, including his passport. But once he was a new one, he’s planning on visiting his daughter who lives on the island.

His family, while unable to speak with CHEK News today, say they’re relieved Gonzalez has been released from jail, as are some high profile supporters.

“It was like a very scary bad tv movie of an innocent man caught up in the scariest of circumstances.,” said MLA of Saanich-Gulf Islands Adam Olsen.

“It’s a huge relief.”

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