‘Major leak’ prompts Stage 3 water restrictions in Black Creek-Oyster Bay area

'Major leak' prompts Stage 3 water restrictions in Black Creek-Oyster Bay area

Residents of the Black Creek-Oyster Bay area have been hit with Stage 3 water restrictions due to a “major leak” in the local water system, according to the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD).

On Wednesday, the CVRD sent out a notice asking residents within the Black Creek-Oyster Bay (BCOB) Water System to reduce their water usage after piping next to a treatment plant was found cracked and in need of extensive repair.

“A bypass is being installed until the pipe can be repaired, which will significantly reduce the amount of water available in the Black Creek-Oyster Bay area,” said Kris La Rose, senior manager of Water/Wastewater Services at the CVRD.

Under Stage 3 water restrictions, several activities are not permitted, including watering a lawn or boulevard, filling or adding water to a swimming pool, hot tub, garden pond or decorative fountain and washing a vehicle, boat or other equipment with water.

In a news release, the CVRD says the BCOB system is sourced from three groundwater wells and a river infiltration gallery and provides water to around 2,200 residents.

“We’re asking residents in the Black Creek-Oyster Bay area to reduce their water use and only focus on essential consumption,” said La Rose. “Our hope is to avoid an emergency Stage 4 level, and following these restrictions will help that greatly.”

According to the CVRD, traffic may be delayed in some portions along Regent Road in Oyster River, but only for short periods while the bypass carrier pipe is installed.

It adds that pipe repairs are expected to be completed by the end of August, noting that water quality or cleanliness should not be affected in the meantime.



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