Lots of Laughs: Puppy yoga gives new meaning to downward dog

Lots of Laughs: Puppy yoga gives new meaning to downward dog
Watch You've probably heard of goat yoga but it seems puppy yoga is the hot new trend. We sent Tess van Straaten to check it out.

It’s not your typical yoga class.

Puppy yoga gives a whole new meaning to downward dog and the yoga calm is interrupted by a whole lot of chaos as doggies descend on the lesson.

“The benefits of yoga and then the puppy therapy, the pet therapy aspect of it, is a really great combination,” says yoga teacher Angela Turnbull.

Running and being rambunctious, the playful pups were getting lots of love at special class put on by Panorama Rec Centre in North Saanich this month.

“I think it’s really great,” says participant Alison Rogers. “I think it’s really good for people to be around puppies and get their relaxing feeling.”

“Kids love dogs, adults love dogs and yoga’s good, too,” says participant Stan Laursen.

And while there were a couple accidents, that just led to even more laughter.

“I liked how the puppies played,” says Emily Watson. “They were pretty funny.”

After the class, participants got another 30 minutes of puppy time with one-on-one cuddles.

All of the dogs are rescues that are up for adoption from Flirting with Fido.

“These dogs are from Saskatchewan, Arizona, California and would be culled, they wouldn’t make it,” explains Lorraine Wilson from Flirting with Fido. “So they come here and we always find them homes.”

All the proceeds from the puppy yoga class will also go to help Flirting with Fido.

Tess van StraatenTess van Straaten

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