Longtime unadopted Nanaimo dog gets “Christmas miracle,” a new home

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Wendy and Barry Keating could hardly wait to take their new adoption home on Sunday.

“Oh we’ve been too excited to sleep,” said Wendy Keating. “It’s an exciting day.”

“Oh just wonderful,” said Barry Keating.

Their new dog is Tyson. The hard luck, worried dog whose bark scared so many away, that CHEK News profiled him Monday after he had been at the Nanaimo SPCA shelter for a near-record 8 months.

“It would be a Christmas miracle,” Nanaimo SPCA employee Isabelle Watkin told CHEK News.

When the Fanny Bay couple saw the story, they knew he was the dog they hadn’t been looking for, but had found them.

“He needs help,” said Barry Keating. “And we’ve got all kinds of love and help to give him.”

“We were here at noon when they opened the doors at noon Tuesday,” said Watkin.

“He looked like he needed to get a home,” said Wendy Keating.

She is a trained dog walker, and the bond was immediate.

“And he was all over us like smoke,” said Wendy Keating.

Leading to a happy, but hard goodbye.

“Yes, yes very happy tears. He deserves it,” said Nanaimo SPCA employee Bryn Green.

“They’re perfect for him. They’re going to make a beautiful family,” she said.

“I think they’re fabulous,” said Watkin. “I think these guys know what they’re doing and I think he has a really good chance with them to have that life we wanted for him.”

Proof there’s someone out there for everyone, and if you’re as lucky as Tyson, your future is filled with beach walks in a warm house by the ocean.

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