Long-standing pub in Esquimalt closes its doors

Long-standing pub in Esquimalt closes its doors

It has been a staple in Equismalt for years, but now it’s gone.

The Gorge Pointe Pub and Liquor Store, located on Tillicum Road, closed its doors on Saturday, marking the end of the line for the pub that had been around in one form or another for decades.

Mike Joss, the pub’s owner, told CHEK News on Saturday that an ongoing labour shortage due and pandemic, combined with the fact that they couldn’t work out a viable deal with the property’s new owners, signaled the end for the long-time establishment.

“We didn’t want to just try to limp to the finish line,” he said. “We’ve already gone down to seven days a week to six days a week to five days a week in business and we want to leave with our best foot forward in ripping off the band-aid.”

“Sometimes, it hurts a little bit more but the pain goes away a little quicker if you rip it off fast rather than a long goodbye,” he added.

Although the pub has officially closed, the liquor store will remain open for a few more months.

The Gorge Pointe Pub closed its doors on Saturday. (CHEK News)



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