Local longboarder takes aim at Guinness World Record

Local longboarder takes aim at Guinness World Record

A North Saanich man is set to travel more than 3,500 km from Saskatoon to Victoria aboard battery-powered longboard with the goal of breaking Guiness World Records.

Bradley Smith’s longboard is far from average.

“It’s an off-road monster,” he says.

The 43-year-old rides an e-longboard on trails around his home on Willis Point, but it’s a lonely road.

“I have yet to meet anyone that I can ride with off-road,” says the North Saanich public works employee.

It’s a long road that will be travelled in June by Smith, as he takes a run at three Guinness world records. Smith and his partner will drive to Saskatoon before he embarks on the 3,500-kilometre trek home on his e-longboard.

“It will be the Guinness world record for longest journey by electric skateboard, longest journey in a single country and longest journey in a 24-hour period by electric skateboard,” Smith said.

Instead of paved blacktop, it’s a route of rocks and roots for Smith. He’ll travel along the Trans-Canada Trail and he’s budgeted a month for the trip.

As for the cargo, he’s travelling light. The board is powered by two batteries at a time, capable of carrying him about 140 kilometres on easy terrain. He’ll carry six batteries in total, plus a backpack full of belongings.

Smith and his partner Ninetta Savino have planned out the route, with Smith staying overnight in Airbnb and hotels along the way.

Amid the planning there’s also training.

“It’s core and legs,” says Smith, who admits that after hours on the board his feet become numb.

While Smith has always toyed with the idea of setting a Guinness record, this trip was spurred on by personal loss. His dad, Desmond Smith, passed away in August of 2019.

“He was Superman for me,” says Smith.

And although the technology wasn’t there at the time, Smith says e-longboarding is something Dad would do.

“He was all about finding trails, and just exploring,” Smith said.

He must be diligent in recording video, taking photographs, and capturing his kilometres to satisfy Guinness’ strict requirements for approval. He’ll also ask strangers along the way to sign witness sheets.

He’s hoping for dry weather, and while June is one of the surest bets on the calendar, Smith says the journey couldn’t happen at any other time. June is a special one for his dad.

“That’s his birthday and it’s also Father’s Day in June. I know he’ll be with me,” he said.

So for once, the road won’t be a lonely one.

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