Live at 8 p.m. PT: Island Votes – Results from Vancouver Island ridings and more

Live at 8 p.m. PT: Island Votes – Results from Vancouver Island ridings and more

Island Votes on CHEK starts at 8 p.m. Pacific Time. We will have B.C. election results from Vancouver Island ridings and from across the province.

There also be analysis, interviews and more.

You can tune into CHEK through your local television provider or watch on our social media channels.

The polls opened across B.C. at 8 a.m. this morning and remain open until 8 p.m. tonight.

More than a million of B.C.’s 3.5 million registered voters had cast their ballots in advance or by mail-in ballot during the pandemic-era election.

There is no computer network allowing Elections BC to know in real time how many voters were casting ballots on voting day. The technology is expected to be introduced next year as part of legislated changes passed in 2019.

With more than 720,000 mail-in ballots requested and about 478,000 returned as of late Thursday night, it’s unclear whether a result will emerge right away.

Officials with Elections BC say they hope to deliver the final results by Nov. 16, but the date isn’t firm as it’s unclear how much time will be needed to count the mail-in ballots.

Vote-by-mail packages are collected centrally and cannot be counted for at least 13 days after the election, allowing time for the ballots to be sent back to voters’ ridings for sorting and screening.

Chief electoral officer Anton Boegman said that 13-day period may be extended depending on how quickly they can handle the packages.


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