Last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts that shake-up the ‘traditional’

Last-minute Valentine's Day gifts that shake-up the 'traditional'
WatchValentine's Day is now one sleep away. Here are some last-minute takes on traditional gifts.

At local shops in Victoria, the chocolate is swirling and flowers are being set out for one of the sweetest holidays of the year.

“We start making chocolate weeks in advance, stocking up,” said Leah Blackburn, owner of Pure Lovin’ Chocolate.

All this Valentine’s Day prep, is building up for Friday.

But for many Valentine’s Day is the last thing on their mind. So, it’s last-minute shopping for most.

“From the minute we open on Valentine’s Day to the minute we close, were usually quite full and quite busy,” said Blackburn.

And whether you’re shopping just under the wire or not, Valentine’s Day is big business.

“I always go over budget so I’m not going to say how much so I don’t get into trouble,” said one Victoria local.

“I dunno, I spend maybe a hundred,” said a passerby.

And with 16 million couples and almost 12.5 million singles in Canada, whatever you spend on the day, it adds up.

Flowers are a perennial big seller. But this year, it’s no longer just red roses.

“More and more we’re seeing people going outside of the box with a more of a mixed bouquet,” said Simone Colyn, manager of Flowers on Top.

“A lot of tulips and orchids this year. Maybe the next generations aren’t so worried about it being a rose.”

Another trend this year is natural products, including organic wines.

“It’s becoming a massive trend,” said Tommy Davidson, libations director at Swans Liquor Store.

“Were finding that more people are coming in and asking if we have any natural wines.”

Which makes sense, considering Canadians buy more than 505 million litres of wine every year, according to Statistics Canada.

That’s around 25 bottles per person.

But for some on Valentine’s Day, romance never gets old.

“I’ve been using the same Valentine’s card for 45 years, haven’t bought a new one,” added a passerby.

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