Langford couple may have to pay fine after neighbour complains about basketball net

Langford couple may have to pay fine after neighbour complains about basketball net

A Langford couple has been served by a neighbour complaining about the use of a basketball net on their property, but they believe the neighbour is upset over kids playing on the street.

Three years ago, parents Ryan McGregor and Jodie McDougall installed a basketball net on their lawn in the West Hills neighbourhood to keep kids active during the pandemic.

“Kids started to all down the street and from over the other parts of the neighbourhood coming and playing on our net,” said McDougall.

But throughout this past summer, several complaints were directed at kids, neighbourhood parents, and the owners of the basketball net regarding noise and kids playing on the street.

“Our neighbour would come over and shoo all the kids away and tell them to go inside…he didn’t like the noise of the basketball bouncing, he didn’t like the noise of the kids,” said McDougall.

“He stood out here several times underneath the basketball hoop and did not move while the kids were taking shots, saying, ‘You guys have to leave, you’re not allowed here,'” said McGregor.

‘Never in our wildest dreams’

According to the couple, bylaw officers were also called but were told that no laws were being broken.

Eventually, the neighbour took it further, serving the couple with a notice of dispute, claiming the basketball net violated a neighbourhood restriction.

“We never in our wildest dreams thought that we would have to deal with somebody wanting to take away a basketball net,” said McDougall

According to the dispute, the basketball net violates Article 9.18 of the Schedule of Restrictions imposed in the subdivision.

“No front yard or other yard visible from a street shall contain pools, children’s play structures, trampolines, nets or other play equipment,” says the document.

Restrictions are a set of rules within a subdivision tied to a home’s title. They are enforceable only after neighbours file complaints.

“We have the support of all our neighbours around here too. They’ve all commented on this,” says McGregor.

The complaint is asking for the couple to pay $100 in fines for the placement of the net.

CHEK News has tried to speak to the neighbour who filed the dispute.

According to the parents, no other families have received complaints about basketball nets placed on their property in the neighbourhood.

They have tried to resolve the situation with the neighbour directly but have not had any success.

“We’re across from two schools, an elementary and middle school. How could you not like to hear kids play,” said McDougall.

The two now have 14 days to respond to the notice.

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