One of Kimberly Proctor’s murderers loses appeal of board’s day parole decision

One of Kimberly Proctor's murderers loses appeal of board's day parole decision
Kimberly Proctor, who was murdered by two teens in Langford in 2010, is shown.

Warning: This story contains graphic details of murder and sexual violence that may be upsetting.

One of the two men serving a life sentence for the brutal murder of Langford teenager Kimberly Proctor has been denied again in his bid for increased freedom.

In a decision handed down Feb. 13, the Parole Board of Canada’s appeals division upheld a 2022 decision to deny day parole to Kruse Wellwood.

Wellwood appealed the decision on the grounds that he was never notified of the date of his original hearing and thus wasn’t able to present his case of why he felt he should be allowed back into the community.

He also said the board misinterpreted a psychological risk assessment that found he has a high risk of violence towards an intimate partner as well as a high risk for general, violent and sexual reoffending.

“You argue that the Board made personal conclusions about the information in those reports that were not made by the authors. In particular, you submit that the Board failed to properly consider the progress you made on your most relevant risk factors,” the ruling says.

“You submit that you were rated as ‘good’ in your program reports. You state that the Board failed to consider your community supports, and placed undue consideration on your static and unrelated dynamic factors making eventual reintegration impossible. You state that the decision violates the principle of rehabilitation.’

But the appeal division found Wellwood didn’t raise any points that would cause it to intervene in the board’s decision, concluding the fair risk assessment was “reasonable and consistent” with standards used to guide parole assessments.

The division also noted the board did take into consideration Wellwood’s ability to use skills learned from various programs to manage his risk factor, saying he “improved” to a level rated between moderate and good, but the risk assessment outweighed that.

It specifically noted that Wellwod’s “emotional dysregulation” was a major hindrance to his rehabilitation progress.

“Historically and throughout his sentence, he has exhibited tantrum-like behaviours, sometimes for prolonged periods lasting several hours. These behaviours involve uncontrollable crying, punching or striking himself in the head, pulling his hair, punching/kicking walls or doors. His physical aggression and violence are not directed at others, but rather towards himself, although sometimes involve expletives directed at others,” the appeal division wrote.

“These episodes of emotional dysregulation are intense and would reasonably be perceived as unsafe by any onlooker, except for staff members who have some exposure and understanding of this peculiar behaviour on his part.”

Wellwood pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and indignity to a dead body after he and Cameron Moffat carried out a plan to sexually assault and murder Proctor in March 2010 at Wellwood’s Langford home.

Proctor was bound with tape, sexually assaulted multiple times, and ultimately killed by suffocation with a plastic bag. Her body was then mutilated, placed in a freezer and later transported to a different location where it was set on fire. Proctor was 18 at the time, while Wellwood and Moffat were 16 and 17.

From 2019: Family of murdered Langford teen ‘betrayed by the system’ as killer applies for day parole

Proctor’s family, who were horrified when they learned of Wellwood’s first bid for day parole, wrote submissions ahead of the hearing last year  requesting Wellwood’s application be denied.

The board at the time commented in its decision the Proctors said they “have seen no remorse, are angry, and do not believe you deserve parole.”

Wellwood’s first application for day parole in 2019 was also denied, as was his attempt at getting full parole in 2020.

With files from CHEK’s Laura Brougham.

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