Juvenile goshawk rescued from Langford Costco in critical condition

Juvenile goshawk rescued from Langford Costco in critical condition

WATCH: A goshawk who was rescued from a Langford’s Costco this week is in critical condition. Its rescuer says the raptor likely spent several days without food or water, leaving him exhausted and extremely dehydrated. Isabelle Raghem reports. 

The situation isn’t looking great for the newest patient to arrive at Wild ARC rehab centre. The juvenile goshawk rescued from Costco is 30 per cent underweight.

“He’s in pretty critical condition, he was very weak on intake, very very thin, very dehydrated,” said Wild ARC Assistant Manager, Meghan Hatch on Friday, “He was pretty lethargic too.”

A video, taken by a Costco employee, shows the young bird perched on a top shelf inside the warehouse Wednesday.

The raptor is believed to have been stuck inside for at least two days.

Using a trap and two pigeons (physically unharmed) to lure him, a falconer was able to fetch the one-year-old bird. A rescue that came in the nick of time.

“We got there at the last second, I mean these guys spend all their time trying to get out,” says Jeff Krieger of Alternative Wildlife Solutions Owner, “They spend all their energy flying around this building all day long, all night long because the lighting is on all night long [at Costco].”

The video was shot right before he was rushed to the rehab centre in Metchosin.

“Right now he’s in a very small kennel just to restrict his movement. He’ll get frequent meals that are just the elemental portion of his diet and assuming all goes as planned, we’ll increase that to provide better more appropriate foods,” said Hatch.

His condition is considered so poor, our Chek cameras weren’t allowed inside because any stress could be detrimental.

“Once they get into that weak condition it can be pretty hard to get them back so he’s in pretty rough condition right now,” added Hatch.

“The next few days will tell a lot it’ll depend how he reacts to the treatment that we’re able to give him and it’s really just a matter or going really slowly ”

The staff at Wild ARC say it could take weeks, even months until the goshawk flies again.  For now, their focus is making sure he gains enough strength to survive.


Isabelle RaghemIsabelle Raghem

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