‘Just glad to be alive’: Driver in shocking Victoria crash home from hospital


The driver T-boned in a Victoria intersection, sending his truck flying into a BC Transit bus, is recovering at home and reflecting on the crash that sent him to hospital with serious injuries.

David Bruun, 34, was driving home from teaching jiu-jitsu Wednesday night when a car speeding southbound on Douglas ran a red light at the Bay Street intersection, smashing into Bruun’s truck.

The force of the crash sent Bruun’s truck flying into a bus, completely smashing it.


“I keep wondering if I could have maybe seen him coming and I don’t know when slammed on my brakes or something, or avoided it in some way,” Bruun told CHEK News. “You don’t think to do that usually when you got a green light, but hindsight is 20/20, right?”

Bruun is recovering from a fractured neck, three fractures in his C1 vertebrae, organ bleeds and a major concussion.

He said he has no memory of the crash even happening, adding he was shocked to see footage of what happened.

“I definitely had a bit of painkillers in me, so I kind of thought it looked cool. I guess that’s not the worst way to take it,” Bruun laughed. “I’ve never seen that happen in a vehicle. I’m very glad I came out of that in one piece, head still attached, you know.”

Bruun will be out of work for at least six months. He said he will likely not be allowed to participate in jiu-jitsu for much longer.

The owners of Van Isle Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, where Bruun teaches, started a GoFundMe page to help offset Bruun’s upcoming costs.

“We know the whole ICBC thing can take a long time and just try to relieve some stress for Dave and also to show him he is appreciated and loved by our community,” Matthew De Groot, co-owner, said.

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The GoFundMe’s goal is to raise $10,000 for Bruun.

By Tuesday afternoon, less than 24 hours after being posted, the page raised $8,782.

Jean-Marc De Groot, Van Isle Brazilian Jiu Jitsu co-owner, said this shows how big of an impact Bruun has made in the local martial arts community.

“David is one of the best guys I know,” Jean-Marc said. “He’s just a sweet soul, there’s not like a single ounce of volatility, there’s not a bad bone in his body. He’s the most giving, generous, caring person out there.”

Bruun said he is overwhelmed by the support he has received.

He added that jiu-jitsu is the thing he is most passionate about and hopes to be back on the mat sooner rather than later.

“I’m sure at the very least I can sit on the sidelines and direct people,” Bruun said.

Jean-Marc told CHEK News he wants to find a way for Bruun to stay involved during his recovery.

“Even if you have to instruct verbally and have two members demonstrate the techniques while you’re instructing, but I want him to be involved,” he said.

Bruun said he looks forward to being able to do that, but for now is just focusing on his recovery.

“I’m just glad to be alive,” he explained.

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