Just a little off the sides please; black bear ruins Alberta barber’s day

Just a little off the sides please; black bear ruins Alberta barber's day

SLAVE LAKE, Alta. — A northern Alberta barbershop owner is assessing the damage after an encounter with a wild customer that wasn’t looking for a trim and a hot shave.

Sam Assaf had left the front door open Wednesday to let fresh air into his three week-old Slave Lake, Alta., business — called the LionsDen Barbershop.

He was standing outside when he spotted the bear and started taking pictures, but suddenly remembered the situation with the door.

Assaf says the bruin strolled in and proceeded to leave a big mess that included ruining his work station and defecating, although some expensive clippers were spared.

Police were called and told picture-taking bystanders to give the animal room to leave, but no one was hurt.

Assaf, who had never seen a real-life bear before, says it was a bad day for him.

“It was the wildest thing. I’ve been in this business for 17 years and I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Assaf.

“How ironic? A bear is hanging at the LionsDen.” (CTV Edmonton)

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