Islanders finding ways to celebrate on New Year’s Eve despite pandemic

Islanders finding ways to celebrate on New Year's Eve despite pandemic
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For the second straight year, Victorians are spending another New Year’s Eve amidst a pandemic.

Celebrations are muted across B.C. due to the Omicron variant, but people are still finding ways to ring in 2022.

“Me and my roommate are marathoning Lord of the Rings,” says David Cosby.

“So we’re going to start that like as soon as we can and just go until like 5 a.m.”

While bars and nightclubs are once again closed due to public health orders, restaurants have more freedom than last year when alcohol sales were cut off after 8 p.m.

“This year we’re fully open, I mean there’s a few things we have to abide by,” says B.C. Restaurant & Food Services Association president, Ian Tostenson.

“You have to show your vaccine passport and then we’ll take you to your table, a table of six, and that will be your place.”

In the up and down year that has been 2021, Islanders still have plenty of favourite moments.

“Work was actually a really big highlight,” says Tiffany Tjosvold.

“I run an organization for individuals with disabilities to do art together and we are always pivoting, so pivoting in 2021 wasn’t that big of a deal for us.”

“I made a lot of new friends, surprising during a pandemic,” says Jason Szymanski.

“I had a lot of opportunities to get outside and still see people by doing lots of walking and getting some good exercise,” Jocelyn DeMontmorency.

They’re also looking forward to what 2022 has in store.

“January 1st I turn 65 and I’m retiring,” says Barb Donatl.

It’s a year that many hope is the last small-scale New Years’ celebration.

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