Islanders enjoy the last sunny, hot days of September

Islanders enjoy the last sunny, hot days of September

WATCH: Well summer may be officially over, but the sun’s still here… making It feel more like August than autumn. Kori Sidaway reports.

Well it’s not quite summer anymore, but it sure feels like it!

“Well she loves throwing rocks into the ocean, so I thought what a better day, it’s supposed to be about 19 degrees today so I thought it was a great day to catch some sun,” said Tijana Sabic with her two year old Sofia in tow.

The temperature hit 23 degrees in Victoria, and whether it was out paddling on the ocean, strolling the beach, or playing hooky from work, it seemed like everyone was out soaking up the sun.

Including Peter Lai, who was out playing the guitar by the Dallas road.

“I’m just chasing the summer, gotta play the tunes, chase the view. You just gotta! it’s rude not to you know!” said Lai.

“Once I got burnt in October in Edmonton, but this is pretty good at the end of September here.”

Others were more mixed on the late rays.

“I’m totally addicted to the sun, him not so much,” said Helen Gunn, motioning to her husband.

“I wear glasses and wide brim hats,” said Jack Gunn.

Some were even building up the nerve for a dip in the ocean.

“I never feel right if I leave the beach and I haven’t gone in a little bit, so I’m just building up the courage right now,” said Wendy Miles, braving the beach in a bathing suit.

The only thing pointing to the changing seasons are the orange leaves.

And after an unprecedented summer of drought here on the Island, many are relieved to hear some moisture is on its way.

“We’ve had to water this grass twice a day just to get this going! And now we’re really looking forward to the rain!” said Kelly Macdonald, talking about her newly seeded lawn.

“I’m kind of glad it’s coming. It’ll be nice for the first few weeks for everybody, then after that we’ll just be waiting for summer again,” laughed Sabic.

Rain is on it’s way Saturday night, so these will be the last days of summer on the Island.

“I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, I just love Victoria, I feel like I’m on a holiday every day that I’m here,” said Miles.

Just make sure not to let the secret out!

Kori SidawayKori Sidaway

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