Island RCMP officer sent over two years of unwanted messages to estranged wife: conduct board

Island RCMP officer sent over two years of unwanted messages to estranged wife: conduct board

An RCMP conduct board hearing has concluded a hearing into Const. Josef Landrum’s actions and found he sent over two years of unwanted texts or Internet memes of a sexual nature to his estranged wife, despite her requests he stop.

Over the course of 25 months, Landrum sent his estranged wife 45 inappropriate messages between July 4, 2017, and August 6, 2019, according to the hearing ruling by Kevin Harrison.

Landrum and the complainant, his estranged wife, made a joint submission on disciplinary measures which called for a forfeiture of 20 days’ pay, and a direction that Landrum continues to receive counselling. These were accepted as disciplinary measures.

The parties also requested that Landrum be transferred to a department closer to the estranged wife, to make co-parenting their infant son easier. Though the submission noted the conduct board does not have the authority to transfer RCMP officers, and asked that the board make the recommendation to “E” Division Career Development and Resourcing Section, which the conduct board also accepted.

The hearing, which concluded on Jan. 25, 2021, and was posted publicly on Aug. 20, 2022, states the estranged wife says Landrum’s actions will have a lasting impact on her.

“The Complainant was ‘on edge 100% of the time’ and felt weak and helpless during the 25-month period that Constable Landrum sent her the inappropriate text messages,” the ruling says the wife outlined in a victim impact statement. “Constable Landrum’s actions left the Complainant feeling broken and will have a lasting effect on her.”

The ruling says the wife submitted a complaint in August 2019, and that following the complaint Landrum took steps to change his behaviour, including that he “stepped up” to be a father to their son, and that there have not been any more inappropriate messages.

“Constable Landrum and the Complainant have reconciled,” the ruling states. “They have enjoyed a cordial relationship over the past 15 months, which includes dining and vacationing together.

The ruling also notes Landrum had started psychotherapy for PTSD starting before the complaint, and continued following where the psychologist says he has shown progress.

The board was initially considering two allegations against the officer, but the first allegation was withdrawn.

“Allegation 1 involved non-consensual sexual misconduct, albeit off-duty,” Harrison wrote, noting the RCMP has indicated a zero-tolerance for sexual misconduct, on or off-duty.

“Therefore, while Allegation 1 remained before me and, if proven, Constable Landrum’s dismissal from the Force was a real possibility…Although Allegation 2 is serious, once Allegation 1 was withdrawn, the seriousness of the matter as a whole significantly diminished to the extent that conduct measures short of dismissal are appropriate.”

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