Island couples having small social distancing weddings during COVID-19 crisis

Island couples having small social distancing weddings during COVID-19 crisis
WatchAfter officials announced that restrictions will likely stick around for the summer, many weddings had to be put on hold. But some couples are still determined to tie the knot. Julian Kolsut has this story.

The COVID-19 crisis has put all large wedding in B.C. on hold, but many couples are determined to still tie the knot.

Many are having smaller ceremonies and practicing social distancing. Hannah Slater and Andreas Weibel are just two of those putting their larger event on hold and having an intimate ceremony.

“I thought we would be at Cusheon Lake, at our resort in our bathrobes drinking… what are those things called, mimosas.” said Weibel .

The two are instead at their fifth wheel home in Sooke on their wedding day.

“It started to drag on with the postponing and postponing, and it just felt like we will get through the summer and fall,” said Slater.

“But them what if it gets postponed again?.”

“Because we are not sure if this heath crisis will drag as far as October,” said Weibel.

“We didn’t want to risk it so we just wanted to get married.

It”s a tough decision, as Hannah’s father is in lock-down in a care-home. But they say the date has a deep meaning and the timing will bring light in a tough time.

“It bringing us all together and I feel like everybody needs that right now” said Slater.

“Andreas just happened to pick the same day that would have been was my grandmothers birthday [April 21]… she would have been 88 today, Yvonne Timmothy,  love you grandma wherever you are in heaven.”

Instead of their Salt Spring venue they are heading to another place they love,  Victoria’s Beacon Hill Park.

Others like them have also postponed their big celebration, and gone through with a social distancing ceremony.

“Some are deciding to have those small weddings now, either an elopement or a micro wedding,” said Tamara Olson from Vancouver Island Wedding Industry Association.

“And then having that big party next year like an anniversary party.”

And even though it might still be small, there are is still the last minute rush, and nerves at their wedding. But all went flawlessly right beside the Queen’s Pond at the park.

“It’s excellent,” said Slater.

“It feels quite different but in a positive way.”

And with Hannah’s father terry in a care home, they say he will be looking at this very story to join in on the special day, and they say another guest is watching from above.

“My mom who is departed, its her birthday, she would have been 88, she is watching and she kicked their butt to get this done on her birthday,” said a family member.

During a difficult time, it’s a glimmer of hope.

Julian KolsutJulian Kolsut

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