CHEK Upside: Island-based Facebook group aims to ‘get down’ with positivity during lockdown


There have been some incredible glimmers of joy amid the ongoing heavy news of the past few weeks. One of those comes in the form of a Victoria-based Facebook group that has arrived just at the right time.

Allow me to introduce you to GET DOWN WITH THE LOCKDOWN. It’s a Facebook group that sparked on Vancouver Island with the goal of spreading positivity through art, music, comedy, and expression.

You don’t have to go too deep into the page to figure out what it’s all about as a pinned post will be the first thing that greets you featuring co-admins Christa Karlie and Steve Craik breaking it down to a little Kool & the Gang.

“It’s an opportunity to positively protect our community, have fun and put the “social” back in social media while social distancing. Can’t say we’re anti social… we got 3 of them!” Craick said in the video post.

The admins say the page will boast artists of all styles, via live videos, visual posts and written word.

As for Karlie, she told CHEK News that the idea sparked out of frustration after already practicing social distancing to keep her family healthy.

“I was frustrated that these live show promotions, were giving our community a false sense of security and perpetuating this virus to spread. LIGHTBULB FLASH. HOW CAN WE MAKE SOCIAL DISTANCING COOL AND WIDESPREAD ACCEPTED? Within a few hours we had our first welcoming video recorded and posted,” she said.

The public group, which started only a few days ago, has quickly climbed to nearly 10,000 members to go along with a multitude of posts from songs about bacon to personal art projects to even spontaneous dance parties. Basically any form of people showing how they “get down.”

“In my eyes, this initiative overwhelms me with waves of true joy, appreciation for human kind, and a hope for our bright futures as a worldwide community. Worth every square eye I’m feeling before they close at night,” said Karlie.

Both admins hail from Victoria and said they’ve had a lifelong connection with music so the group only made sense, although the two haven’t had a chance to showcase their talents just yet.

“I have my 3 kids home from “extended” spring break & this project has really taken off… but we hope to put together a fun video or two soon.”

All are welcome to join, however the admins have setup a couple ground rules in order to keep the positive spirit of the group.

Most importantly, no political posts, rants, or bullying will be accepted as part of the group.

“THIS IS A PLATFORM FOR POSITIVITY THROUGH A TRYING TIME,” reads a statement in the ‘about’ section.

Another one of their simple rules: be kind and courteous. “We’re all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Let’s treat everyone with respect,” the admins emphasize.

Whether you feel like you have something to add, or just want to go to a place that will make you smile, this is the group for you during the lockdown.
Graham CoxGraham Cox

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