Is it possible a new organic grain whisky from Central Saanich could be good for you?


WATCH: Ancient Grains Whisky is a new product from de Vine Wines & Spirits in Central Saanich.

This new small batch offering from de Vine is produced using five ancient and totally organic grains: barley, emmer, einkorn, kamut and spelt.

The whisky is produced in the traditional manner in a reclaimed German still.

Ken Winchester, Master Distiller likens himself to Willy Wonka, but for booze.

“We delight in doing things that no one else in Canada is doing,” Winchester said.

Whether or not organic grains can actually produce an organic whisky is sort of up in the air, but the Ancient Grains Whisky does taste delightfully good.




Gordie TupperGordie Tupper

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