New Zealand driver shows up for North West Deuce Days in Victoria

New Zealand driver shows up for North West Deuce Days in Victoria
WatchNorth West Deuce Days has kicked off in Victoria, and the inner harbour is lined with colourful classics. The event attracts more than a thousands participants, many of which are from across the continent. But as Julian Kolsut found out, some have crossed oceans with their cars to join in the renowned event.

A record 1,385 cars showed up for North West Deuce Days this year in Victoria and some visitors crossed oceans to make it out.

Mark Wailkin shipped his 1932 Ford 3 window Deluxe V8 Deuce from Wellington, New Zealand to California back in May for the L.A. roadster show. After it ended he flew back home, before returning to drive it up for Deuce Days.

“The welcome from the crowd, as we came through immigration and drove through to the hotel, is something I have never experienced before,” said Wailkin.

“It was pretty damn emotional, the mayor greeted us, gave my wife a rose.”

It’s an event he was planning to attend for years.

“My friend Danny and I have been planning for three or four years to bring a couple of cars to America when we heard deuce days was going to be on in 2019 we said that was the one to go for,” said Wailkin.

This year, organizers say more than 13,000 cars rolled into town.

“The turn out is just amazing, we have 1,385 registered cars… our biggest turnout yet. Thousands of people into Victoria, and for the event local people come and it’s tens of thousands of people around the Inner Harbour Sunday,” said Susan Baptista, Northwest Deuce Days volunteer.

All a welcome sight for local businesses.

“It’s been great for the hotel, great for the city, great for us. It’s huge this year, bigger than it’s ever been, so we are happy,” said Ian Wish from Hotel Grand Pacific.

An event like this takes tonnes of resources to put together, but car lovers are crossing their fingers, hoping it will come back in three years.

“I have a gut feeling it’s going to happen. If it’s on again I’ll be back,” added Wailkin.

Collectors and enthusiasts now wait to see if the event will continue to rumble on — in the meantime everyone will still get to enjoy sights and sounds over the weekend.

More details on the event can be found here

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