‘I’m going to die or my kids are going to die’: Prospect Lake Road residents demand action

'I'm going to die or my kids are going to die': Prospect Lake Road residents demand action
WatchProspect Lake Road residents are demanding action after another devastating crash on the narrow and winding road. Tess van Straaten reports.

Police tape is once again up across Prospect Lake Road in Saanich after another devastating crash — this time between a motorcycle and pick-up truck late Monday afternoon.

“Our reconstitution analysts are looking at the scene to determine exactly what happened but initial indications are the motorcyclist did cross the centre line,” says Detective Sgt. Damian Kowalewich of the Saanich Police Department.

The 51-year-old male driver of the motorcycle was killed.

But distraught neighbours say it could have been prevented.

This has been the nightmare we’re trying to avoid,” says an emotional Janice Madson, who lives right by the crash site. “We’ve tried to deal with Saanich for so long to try to not have this happen.”

In the last 13 months alone, she’s counted 20 crashes between her house near Munn’s Road and her neighbour’s home just three doors down, including a rollover Friday morning in the same area as Monday’s fatal crash.

It’s also the same spot a cyclist lost control and hit an oncoming van in May of 2017, resulting in life-threatening injuries.

“It’s crazy,” Madson says. “I always hug the shoulder and I basically hold my breath on the last three corners just to come to my house, terrified someone is going to come around the corner and hit me.”

Concerned residents say the biggest problem is speed — people are driving far too fast on the narrow, winding road.

They’re now calling on Saanich to reduce the speed limit to 30 or 40 kilometres an hour.

“What we’re going to do at this stage is send it to ICBC for a full road safety audit,” Saanich Mayor Fred Haynes says. “We will, of course, implement any and all of the recommendations.”

Haynes happens to live on this road and says they’re also asking the province for permission for municipalities to reduce speeds.

Madson just hopes something will be done soon.

“My fear is I’m going to die or my kids are going to die,” says a sobbing Madson. “Somebody is going to die. I’ve had people die in front of my house already.”

Tess van StraatenTess van Straaten

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