ICBC launching driving simulation app to help new drivers recognize hazards

ICBC launching driving simulation app to help new drivers recognize hazards

ICBC has announced that it is launching a new simulation tool for inexperienced and new drivers to help them recognize hazards on the road.

The app, which is called Street Sense, is being described as an interactive application designed to “help pre-drivers, inexperienced drivers, and drivers new to B.C., learn and gain experience in recognizing and avoiding potential hazards” using technology.

The idea is to help inexperienced drivers learn techniques and develop habits in a safe, online environment before getting out on the road.

“Novice drivers in B.C. are 1.5 times more likely to crash than experienced drivers are, and since 2020, the number of drivers obtaining their learner’s licence in B.C. has increased by 24 per cent,” states ICBC as a reason for the app.

Street Sense is now available on multiple devices including mobile apps, web, and computer downloads.

The app itself contains 15 scenarios based on conditions and situations specific to British Columbia, says ICBC.

“With more British Columbians getting their driver’s licence than ever before, we encourage new drivers to use the Street Sense app as another tool to gain experience detecting hazards and keep them and others safe while behind the wheel,” said Lindsay Matthews, ICBC Vice President, Customer Experience and Public Affairs.

A demonstration of the app, available online, shows a driver facing several scenarios including merging into a multi-lane roundabout.


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