‘I couldn’t believe it’: Vancouver Island woman catches 44 lb. halibut at dock

'I couldn't believe it': Vancouver Island woman catches 44 lb. halibut at dock

Heading out on the water off Nanoose with her dog Beck and fishing rod on Sunday, Margot Mallicoat was up for adventure.

“(With) fishing … I don’t know what’s going to happen,” said Margot Mallicoat, a resident of Nanoose Bay.

The avid angler has long had a bucket list wish to catch a huge halibut off remote Winter Harbour on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

“I’ve never caught a halibut up there,” Mallicoat told CHEK News.

So on a June fishing trip in Winter Harbour, her third year trying, she cast her line trying to catch a halibut again.

“We went for six days to try to catch a halibut, and I couldn’t get it done. The weather was a challenge, we couldn’t get to the spaces we wanted to get to,” said Mallicoat.

“And I was a bit heartbroken. It was the last day, and I thought, well, I’m just going to put a line down by the dock,” she added.

“I was feeling a bit cursed, last shot and what the heck.”

When standing at the docks, about to leave, with her line in the water, Mallicoat felt a tug.

“‘I am not kidding. Look at this thing! Oh my god!'” Mallicoat says excitedly in a video capturing the moment she saw a halibut on her line.

“When I saw it, I was pretty excited like, ‘Wow, this actually happened.'”

Even more striking because halibut are usually caught offshore, in deep water, and nowhere near shallow docks.

Mallicoat’s catch was a metre-long, 44-pound halibut.

“So I was hollering down to my friends to come down because I couldn’t believe it had happened, and yeah, it was a pretty amazing moment,” she said.

“It’s always worth a shot, last try, first try, you never know when magic’s going to happen.”

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