Hundreds participate in ‘Walk for Justice’ for 15-year-old Carsyn Seaweed

Hundreds participate in 'Walk for Justice' for 15-year-old Carsyn Seaweed

In Duncan, Cowichan Tribes‘ Chief Lydia Hwitsum speaks with Carsyn Seaweed’s mother, Marie Edna, and her grandmother and sister.

On Wednesday, they all participated in “Walk for Justice for Carsyn” to shine a light on the 15-year-old’s death.

Seaweed died on May 15, shortly after she was found along the 5300-block of the Trans-Canada Highway covered in branches and cardboard.

The walk was to focus on the teen and bring whoever is responsible to justice.

“I think we should be all here to just represent Carsyn, for sure. That we lost a great, great young lady. And for all the stolen women that have gone,” Hwitsum said.

“I think this walk is very important for our native families here.”

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At the start of the march, Carsyn’s father, Benny George, spoke to the crowd.

“It’s not only Cowichan that is suffering but alert bay as well. And anyone whose heart has been touched by Carsyn. So I appreciate anyone for being here. And walking along my side and her mom Marie’s side,” George said.

Seaweed’s family lived in Alert Bay. But she loved Duncan and spending time with family and friends there.

The people who loved her want to draw attention to the vulnerability and safety concerns First Nations people face every day.

“We’re telling our people don’t walk alone. Let people know where you are going. And when you are going to be there. So we can ensure that the concern we have is there. How else can we stand up unless we stand together,” Hwitsum said.

Hundreds started the march that took them along the Trans-Canada highway.

The walk swelled in numbers as it wound through Duncan — many watching silently in respect.

It ended at the soccer field where Seaweed’s mother last spoke with and hugged her daughter.

“She was so funny. She always made me laugh. I miss that laugh. I miss that laugh. And I miss talking with her,” Edna said.

“Because she called me at all times of the day, even the middle of the day, just to talk with me. She loved soccer. That’s why we’re here.”

Now her mother and many others are hoping the walk for justice results in answers that led to the death of this loved teen.

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