How will you celebrate Random Act of Kindness Day on November 3?

How will you celebrate Random Act of Kindness Day on November 3?

WATCH: On Friday, Nov. 3, the Victoria Foundation is inviting everyone to make somebody smile with Random Act of Kindness Day, a day to do something nice for someone else to make their day a little brighter.

Since 2008, this special day has brought communities across Canada together as people perform small acts of kindness and generosity.

“There’s a whole array of things that you can do,” says Sandra Richardson, chief executive officer of the Victoria Foundation.

“Not everybody is having a great day, so sometimes that little outreach, to be a little bit kinder, makes all the difference in the world.”

Richardson explains that these can be simple acts.  Holding a door open, making cookies for a neighbour and walking a neighbour’s dog are just a few of her suggestions.

The Victoria Foundation website offers 101 suggestions, such as smiling and saying hello to strangers, letting someone into your lane in traffic, tidying the staff kitchen at your workplace, even topping up an expired parking meter.

Richardson says that young students get involved in this day too.  “Schools will create a happy card, and then they are actually sent to some of our seniors’ centres.  If you could see senior’s faces when they receive one of these!” she adds brightly.

Victoria’s Heart Pharmacy is one of many businesses that take part each year.  At the till, staff hand out a small gift to every customer.

“And [customers] always ask why,” says Rasool Rayani, President of Heart Pharmacy, “So there’s a chance for our team to explain that it’s just a random act of kindness, and they can pay it forward however they like.”

Rayani adds that Random Act of Kindness Day is “a moment of joy you give to someone when you get a chance to have a nice little interaction with them.”

Grant McKenzie, director of Communications at Victoria’s Our Place street community shelter explains that the day also means a lot to the street community.

“When people stop and do something, whether it buys them a coffee, or give them a pair of socks…just a little random act of kindness like that can mean a lot.”

Random Act of Kindness Day is Friday, Nov. 3.

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