Holiday parades are making a full return to the streets of Victoria this winter season

Holiday parades are making a full return to the streets of Victoria this winter season
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Seasonal traditions are making a comeback in Victoria with the return of four holiday parades.

“To be able to come back and be with our communities again, you know bring back that positive mental health, we need it,” says Kelly Kurta, the Executive Director of the Greater Victoria Festival Society.

In collaboration, organizers of Santa’s Light Parade, Sidney Sparkles Parade, Esquimalt Light Parade and the Truck Light Convoy and Food Drive are preparing for a busy season after last year’s events were cancelled due to the pandemic.

“We’ve talked for years about working together and this year we decided to make it happen,” says Kurta. “You know, we become one united front, we’ll work together, we’re gonna do one communicable disease plan and were going to cross-promote,” she adds.

The group is keeping health and safety top priority by recommending mask-wearing and looking into extending parade routes in order to avoid congestion.

“It’s not about being individuals anymore it’s about all of us coming together to help all of our communities come back,” says Kurta.

Veteran parade participant Rob Galey is already planning his return to the festivities.

“I so missed the parades, the kids, the families, the community, the bonding,” says Rob Galey, the Saanich Farmer.

“I mean the magic in the air, I’ve always loved it,” he adds.

His over 70-foot float will be making an appearance at three out of four of the parades as he is also busy with the farm’s annual Halloween festivities.

Tickets for those events are available online and must be purchased in advance.

The details of each parade are below:

  • The 39th Annual Peninsula Co-op Santa’s Light Parade, starting at Belleville and Government streets, November 27th.
  • The Sidney Sparkles Parade, Beacon Avenue, November 28th.
  • The IEOA Truck Light Convoy and Food Drive, starting at Ogden Point, December 4th.
  • The Esquimalt Light Parade, starting from Esquimalt and Canteen roads, December 5th.
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