Here are the winners of the high gas prices on Vancouver Island


WATCH: EV owners are enjoying fuel-free rides as gas prices stay high.

Kira Antinuk bought a Tesla last year to replace an aging minivan that cost her family between $200 and $300 a month for fuel.

“Every time I drive past a gas station and I see the long lines and I smell the fumes and I see people fretting and worrying about how they’re going to afford it, I recognize that I’m saving more and more money,” Antinuk said.

Motorize, a dealership in Sidney that sells only electric vehicles (EVs), has seen sales double in the past month.

“Frequency of sales is directly relative to high gas prices,” said owner Julian Sale. “The higher the gas prices go, the more our phone rings.”

E-bikes are also a growing option for commuters, according to Mike Richards from Russ Hay’s The Bicycle Shop.

“We had a young customer out of our Sidney store who was starting up at UVic and he did the math on the gas and parking at UVic, and he bought an e-bike,” he said.

Gas prices in Victoria could reach the mid 160s this week, according to Dan McTeague from Right now, the average prices is 161.9 cents a litre.

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