Hen Haven: Sidney approves bylaw allowing backyard hens

Hen Haven: Sidney approves bylaw allowing backyard hens

The Town of Sidney has approved a resolution that allows residents to keep backyard hens.

In less than a minute of discussion, Sidney councilors narrowly approved the resolution in a 4-3 vote during their Feb. 26 meeting.

Councillor Terri O’Keefe, who voted in favour of the motion, said there had been “fairly robust discussions” on the topic during their Feb. 12 meeting.

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The new bylaw now allows residents to have up to five hens as long as the land is a single-family dwelling that is at least 550 square metres. Several other requirements also have to be met, such as the hens must be in a coop.

Hens must also have an outdoor run area that is attached to the coop and is fully enclosed.

There are more than two dozen rules and requirements residents must follow to have a backyard hen. The bylaw also says that those looking to own a backyard hen have to apply for a hen-keeping permit at the cost of $100.

Hens can only be kept for personal use and owners are not allowed to sell eggs, manure, meat, or other products derived from the hens.

Two written submissions were submitted to council opposing the bylaw, one resident cited the noise and smell created by the animals.

Along with O’Keefe, councillors Sara Duncan, Steve Duck and Mayor Cliff Neil McNeil-Smith approved the motion.

Coun. Richard Novek, Chad Rintoul and Scott Garnett were opposed to the bylaw.

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